Nissrein Babiker Mohammed Babiker

Address : Bisha University , K.S.A

Nationality : Sudanese                                        

E-mail :

Educational background   

                         PhD In Information Technologies

                                  Specialist Mobile Multimedia Networks February 2018

                                    Council of applied science and technology

                                    Sudan Academy and Sciences University 

                          M.Sc In Computer Science and Information March 2012

                                   Faculty: Engineering and Technology

                                   Gezira University

                         B.Sc In Computer Science March  2004

                                  Faculty: Computer science and Information

                                  Sudan University of Science & Technology

Technical skills                                                                                         

Language skills












Languages:                                 HTML, PHP,JAVASCRIPT,CSS

Scientific Works:

Thesis title of PhD: Error Control Scheme for a Mobile Multimedia Networks.

Thesis Title of Design of a Bandwidth Management Algorithm for High Speed Wireless Networks

Scientific researches :

Published a scientific paper in the IEEE titled "Error Control For Mobile"

International Conference on Electrical, Electronics, Computers, Communication, Mechanical and Computing (EECCMC)


28th & 29th January 2018





Priyadarshini Engineering College, Chettiyappanur, Vaniyambadi - 635751, Vellore District, Tamil Nadu, India.


Experiences in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia  :

I worked as a lecturer (2013-2018)

At the King of Khalid University  In Information System department for the period (2013 – 2015).

  • At the Bisha University In Information System department  for the period (2015 – 2019).
  • At the Mughterbeen university in Sudan for the period (2011 – 2013).

Ministry of Science &Technology in Sudan . (2003-2011)

          Information Technology sector Duration 12 /7/2003 up to 2011.

  • Supervisor of Training center
  • Teaching courses  in Introduction to the computer, Microsoft  office  and internet
  •  The fundamentals of networking, types and   installation.

Courses Taken

1 - Introduction to the computer sections (Business Administration - Biology - Information Systems)

2- Computer Applications (Business Administration Department)

3- Management Information Systems (Business Administration Department)

4. Systems Analysis and Design

5. Computer Networks

6- Internet technologies

8. Information System Security

9.Computing Ethics and society

10. Seminar

11. Multimedia

12. Web applications



Conferences and workshops:


  • “International Conference on Electrical, Electronics, Computers, Communication, Mechanical and Computing (EECCMC)” with IEEE conference January 2018.
  • Conference for Internet Of Things (IOT) – Riyadh-KSA(28-30 Jan 2018)
  • Workshop in  “Intelligent Transportation System & Smart Grid”Riyadh-KSA(28-30 Jan 2018)
  • Workshop in  “IoT and Information Security" ,Riyadh-KSA(28-30 Jan 2018)
  • Workshop in“IoT Asset Management” by Mr. Thamer Alathel,Riyadh-KSA(28-30 Jan 2018)
  • Workshop in “Connected Retail: Enhance customer experience using retail IoT solutions” by Mr. Steve Dunb, Riyadh-KSA(28-30 Jan 2018)
  • Workshop in “Integrated IOT Ecosystem, Potentials and Obstacles” by Mr. Hisham Abdulaziz Al Makhdoub, Riyadh-KSA(28-30 Jan 2018
  • The 2nd Saudi International exhibition & Conference for Internet Of Things (IOT) held from 13 to 15 Feb 2019 at RICEC, Riyadh.
  • Workshop in  “Roadmap for Internet of Things”, by  Dr. Lina Altoaimy.
  • Workshop in  “Introduction to Machine Learning & AI”, by Eng. Mohammed Abdul.

Administrative experience


  • Head of Information Systems Department (2013-2016)
  • Development and Quality Coordinator, Department of Information Systems(2014-2017)
  • Supervisor of e-learning unit at the College (2013-2019).
  • Supervisor of academic guidance(2013-2019)

Training Courses:

ü Application of Quality Standards (QM) in Designing E-Courses (Level) 6/2/1441H / 5/10/2019.
ü Workshop entitled "The annual review of the first strategic plan for the university 2022" .8/9/1440 H
ü Designing Educational Infographic  1st Level 4/8/1440 H
ü Workshop entitled "Institutional Accreditation" on 3/8/1440 H
ü  A training course for Employing Blended Learning in Blackboard  14-15/6/1440 H
ü A training course from the Deanship of Development and Quality entitled Academic Performance Distinguish  on 5/3/1440 H 
ü Design and build electronic educational objects - strategies and tools. Dated 2/3/1440 H
ü A training course from the Deanship of Development and Quality entitled "Deepening the culture of quality" on 26/2/1440 H
ü Shams-Leadership Course in Open Learning Resources - Level II (Certified Member Certificate) 1439 H
ü Training Course Shams (Deanship of e-learning) Level I (certificate of a member of the Shams).on 1438 H
ü A training course entitled "Foundation Course" for e-learning system (Blackboard) at King Khalid University - Deanship of e-learning and distance education on 23/10/2014.
ü A training course entitled Basics of Blackboard - Building and Activation Bisha University - Deanship of e-learning
ü Training course entitled " Quality matters " (quality of electronic courses design)
ü Training Course (Blackboard Collaborator Ultra)
ü Workshop on development and quality (description and report of the course) King Khalid University Deanship of Academic Development and Quality.
ü Methods of Scientific Research 1 - 2/7/1435 H. King Khalid University Deanship of Academic Development and Quality
ü Self Development 9 - 10/6/1435 King Khalid University Deanship of Academic Development and Quality
ü Two-hour training course on the program of achievement (electronic program for administrative communication).

Awards and certificates within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia :

ü Award of Distinguish  in e-learning for educational institutions at the level of Saudi universities - Members of the Saudi Resource Network "Shams" Department of production - University of  Bisha 1439-1440 .
ü  Certificate of appreciation from the Deanship of e-learning and distance education - to activate the level of e-learning and the achievement of standards effectively during the academic year 1438-1439 .
ü  Acknowledgments from the Deanship of Admission and Registration at Bisha University to participate in the seventh scientific conference for the academic year 1436-1437H