Faleh Zafer F Alqahtany

Date of Birth: 19th January 1986

Address: University of Bisha

College of Science & Arts

Tathlith, Saudi Arabia

Mobile: 00966506143321

Tel: 0176238844

Email: faleh@ub.edu.sa


Jan.'16 Head of chemistry department 

Aug. ’16 to May. ’16: work in a short project with King Fahad University of Petroleum &Minerals (KFUPM) in Center of Research Excellence in Nanotechnology (CENT) department. 

May. ’16 to present: A lecturer in Bisha University 

Jan. ’11 to Nov. ‘15: University of Hull, United Kingdom

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)in the Chemistry Department.

Major: Nanoparticle /Liquid Crystal Nanocomposites for Metamaterials

Currently studying:

The design, synthesis and investigation of organic/inorganic hybrids with soft self-assembly properties for the field of optical metamaterials.

The main objective of the PhD project:

Contributing to existing research collaborations  with researchers in the UK and across the EU on the design of novel composite materials by self-organization leading to metamaterials that expands the existing range of electromagnetic properties, with potential new applications of interest for the optics, photonics, electronics, and sensing industries. Self  organization of composite materials is a unique approach that overcomes limitations of conventional planar fabrication technology. The underlying self organization principle is universal and can be adapted to magnetic materials as for instance ruthenium. It offers for the first time organization of artificial atoms in artificial crystals and in liquid crystalline phases.

Research experience:

This PhD project will involve the synthesis of such nano composites involving up-to-date organic and organometallic methodologies, as well as their analysis and characterization using a range of analytical instruments, such as nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), UV/vis spectroscopy, optical polarizing microscopy (OPM) and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC). The project will involve training in X-ray diffraction analysis (XRD), transmission electron microscopy (TEM). 

Sep. ’9 to Sep. ’10:  University of Hull, United Kingdom

Masters of Science (MSc) in the Chemistry Department.

Major: Nanotechnology.

Courses completed:Topics in nanotechnology; Advanced topics in 

Nanotechnology; Advanced inorganic chemistry; Hot topics in Material

Chemistry; Advanced forensic science and toxicology; MSc literature project.

Research experience:Carrying out comprehensive experiments to study the Baylis-Hillman reaction between an aldehyde and anα,β-unsaturated carbonyl compound in the presence of a tertiary amine. This involves using GC, NMR and other instrumentation.

March’08 to Sept.’09:  Studio School of English, Cambridge University

Major:Intensive English

Courses completed: listening comprehension (A); Reading comprehension (A); 

Speaking (A); Writing (A); Overall assessment (A).

Sept. ’04 to Sept.’07:Umm Al-Qura University, Saudi Arabia

Bachelors of Science (BSc) in theCollege of Applied Sciences with GBA ( very good  2.90/4 ).

Courses completed

Surface chemistry (77); Nuclear Chemistry (100); Chemistry of 

Solid State (100); Spectroscopic Organic Chemistry (90); Advanced Organic 

Chemistry (95);Selected Topics in Analytical Chemistry (95); Electrochemistry (100).

Experience & Skills

l Excellent practical and synthetic chemistry skills.

l Experience with collection and interpretation of analytical data, including NMR (1H, 13C, 11B, COSY, HSQC, DEPT), IR, UV/Vis, mass spectrometry, CD spectroscopy, polarimetry and liquid crystal analytical techniques (polarising microscopy, DSC).

l Confident and efficient in purification and crystallization techniques, including column chromatography and preparative TLC.

l Proficient computing skills, including extensive experience with Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. 

l Good knowledge and application of chemical database systems (SciFinder, Reaxys).

l Considerable teaching experience, including demonstrating BSc students.

Conference Presentations & Workshops

• British Liquid Crystal Society Winter Workshop, Hull, UK, January 2012

• Attended numerous conferences from 2011-2012, British Liquid Crystal Society annual conferences, Nottingham 2011 and Strathclyde 2012.

• Mass Spectrometry Summer School inEPSRC National Mass Spectrometry Service Centre2012.

• Departmental poster presentation, May 2012.

• Saudi scientific international conference, poster and paper evaluator, Oct 2012.

• 12th European Conference on Liquid Crystals, ECLC-2013, Greece.

• Departmental oral presentation, August 2013.

• Saudi scientific international conference, poster presentation, 2014. 

• • British Liquid Crystal Society conference in Durham, UK,oral presentations, April, 2014.

Work experience

Sept.’07 to Feb. ’08:  AlAmoudi Company, Saudi Arabia

Worked as a full-time quality checker for making Tropicana orange juice and other different kinds of drinks like Pepsi.

Other social activities:

l Communication skills training

l Chemical Safety training courses

l Languages spoken: English and Arabic


I have a keen interest in most sports, particularly football, including the organization of the School of Chemistry departmental football. I also enjoy socializing, modern history and movies. 


Dr Michael Hird, Prof. George H Mehl(PhD Supervisor)

Chemistry Department, University of Hull,Chemistry Department, University of Hull,Cottingham Road, Cottingham Road,

Hull. HU6 7RXHull. HU6 7RX