About Financial Management

The financial Department was established after the High Approval of the Custodian of the two Holy Mosques King Abdullah Bin Abdul-Aziz Al Suad to stabile university of Bisha, with ref. (30937) – 2/6/1435 AH.

About Financial Department

It is one of an important executive departments at university,  under the vice president supervision.  It aims to do all financial and accounting work according to the instructions and regulations. Financial reporting and final account are prepared annually and centrally worked In terms of association and disburalization. It also  allocated to the completion of all financial procedures for disbursement from the annual budget appropriations of the University. Collect of revenues and proof in their regular books on their financial electronic system to be prepared in a systematic way at the end of the financial year.


The financial management staff are responsible for implementing the University Financial operations according to financial operations in accordance with regulations, circulars and decisions. This is to pay the salaries and benefits of university staff members and faculty members, administrators and contractors. The salary of students and students of the university's excellence was also paid, as well as the payment of the dues of enterprises, companies and contractors'. The final account is set up at the end of the financial year and closed The Covenant is budgeted according to university financial budgets. They feel responsible and diligent work in the conduct of transactions and the disbursing of receivables to their owners using the latest technology to implement financial operations. With the skills and experience they have, scientifically and practically, trained Under the Senior Management Directive based on three themes is fast delivery, accurate performance and optimal handling.