“Bisha University” enhances its partnerships to combat the Corona virus

"Bisha University" enhances its partnerships to combat the Corona virus

The Dean of the College of Sciences and Arts in Al-Namas and the General Supervisor of the Community College in Al-Namas, Dr. Ali Fayez Abu Hashem, and the director of support services at the faculties of the University of Bisha in Al-Namas, Mr. Abdullah Thabet, visited the government sectors in the governorate, including Al-Namas governorate, and they met with His Excellency the designated governor, Mr. Hassan Farraj Al-Shehri. The team also visited Al-Namas municipality and they met the mayor, Eng. Abdullah Ayed Al-Dalbouh. The visit included the governorate's police, and they were welcomed by the Police Director, Brigadier Mubarak Muhammad Al-Qahtani, as well as the governorate's Passports Department, and they met the Director of Passports, Captain Shaddad Dhafer Al-Asmari.

These visits come within the programs of the Deanship of Community Service's awareness-raising initiative to enhance national efforts to implement precautionary measures to prevent the Corona pandemic, which was launched by the university president-designate.​