Center vision:

The center looks forward to upgrading the measurement and evaluation process for all elements of the educational system at the University of Bisha in accordance with the latest standards in the field of measurement and evaluation.

Center message:

Spreading and activating the measurement and evaluation process at the University of Bisha in an effort to raise the quality of measurement methods, increase its objectivity, standardize its tools, and evaluate the performance of the university system in the academic, research and community service fields.

Center goals:

Spreading the culture of measurement and evaluation in the university and the local community.
- Diagnosing the reality of the educational process and identifying and strengthening strengths and deficiencies and addressing them.
Applying best practices in the field of measurement and university calendar.
- Support decision makers with data and statistics.
Activating and following up evaluation processes at the college and department level.
- Contribute to the improvement and development of evaluation tools.
Comprehensive measurement of aspects of the student's personality, contributing to diagnosing students' academic, social and psychological problems, directing them, and supporting academic advising.
- Evaluating faculty members and supporting their professional development in the fields of measurement and university evaluation.
Studying the extent to which academic programs meet the requirements of the labor market and setting development plans.
- Supervising conducting admission tests at the University of Bisha.
Create question banks for courses taught at the departmental level.​

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