About the university



In 1435 H, a Supreme Decree was issued to establish the University of Bisha. According to this decree, the University of Bisha consisted of the former branches of King Khalid University in Bisha, Bilqarn, Namas, and Tathleeth. The University of Bisha, since then, has been seeking to upgrade the academic and the institutional work in it. These efforts were crowned with the announcement of the first strategic plan of The University of Bisha (2017-2022), in which the university set a vision, mission and strategic goals that are in line with the national directions for development and the Kingdom's vision (2030). Thanks to God, the Almighty, a number of initiatives and projects have emerged from the strategic plan, aiming to achieve the university’s mission in accordance with the latest national and international quality practices. The university has set quality assurance standards determined by the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Assessment as one of the most important starting points for its practices and activities.


Bisha Governorate is located in the northern part of the Asir Region, southwest of Saudi Arabia at a distance of 950 km from the capital Riyadh and 250 km from Abha. It is bordered to the north by Rania Governorate and Torba, to the south by Khamis Mushayt and Nemas Governorates, to the east by Thalithat Governorate, and to the west by Al-Baha and Balqarn Governorates. It is about 2,000 feet above sea level.


A creative cognitive system for a productive community


Building a competitive and cognitive community through an advanced educational environment, scientific research, and effective social initiatives and partnerships.


1. Diversifying and developing sources of income

2. Increasing the efficiency of material, human and technical resources

3. Developing the attractive and stimulating institutional work

4. Designing specific educational programs that meet the needs of the labor market

5. Building an advanced scientific research system

6. Promoting students' values, affiliation, and moderate thought

7. Providing effective community initiatives that enhance the university's role and position.

Our Values

Perfection, responsibility, institutional, team spirit, creativity, competitiveness, and effectiveness.


The Royal Decree No. 20937, dated 06/2/1435 H., which preordain to establish the University of Bisha in Asir region, came to meet the needs of our people in university education and to opens up broad prospects for students in this dear part of our beloved country, to contribute in building the country in its various development fields.

Based on this wise approach, attention, and care led by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, and His Highness the Crown Prince, Allah save them, guided by the Kingdom's vision 2030, and the knowledge-based economy, University of Bisha, in its main center and branches in Balqarn, Al Namas, and Tathleeth, will meet the needs of sustainable national development, contribute to building an innovative knowledge-based society system in the Kingdom, and clarify the scientific and academic role it plays through stimulating educational environment in which, distinguished academic faculty, scientific equipment, and modern knowledge approaches are integrated.

The rapid successive changes in our world, and what is included in the Kingdom's Vision 2030, and many urgent necessities imposed on our force to review, update and develop, and adapt academic programs, in order to ensure the continuity of excellence and to keep up with challenges in the labor market locally and regionally. This is a focus that, the university has placed within its strategic goals, and through which we work to adopt best practices.

At this stage, we emphasize ensuring the quality of the academic programs offered by the university and improving their outputs to achieve national and international academic accreditations.

 In recognition of the university’s pioneering role in community service, we affirm that we are continuing to serve the community, putting this trend in the list of priorities because the university has responsibilities, just as the university aspires to provide distinguished services to the community in order to achieve the university’s goals.

We at the University of Bisha seek to provide a distinct scientific and educational environment to serve our sons and daughters, and the university's employees.

Prof. Mohammad Mohsen Safhi - President of the University of Bisha