About the Deanship

Its inception

In the year 1435 AH, when the Noble Royal Decree was issued on 2/6/1435 AH to separate the branch of King Khalid University in the governorate of Bisha and the neighboring governorates into an independent university, called the University of Bisha. And registration.


A creative cognitive system for a productive community

Deanship Message:​

Present the admission and registration processes in a distinctive way.

Deanship objectives:

  • Taking the best methods for selecting, accepting and guiding students to complete their university studies in proportion to their own capabilities.

  • Finding a seat at the university for every student who meets the admission requirements.

  • Educating the student about the regulations and systems of study and tests through various means inside and outside the university.

  • Documenting students ’academic records, and continuously updating them electronically.

  • Developing and adapting technology in the Deanship so that the student can pursue his academic affairs from anywhere he wants at any time.

  • Preparing a database about the university, its colleges and specializations.

  • Clarify the procedures followed in providing the services of the Deanship.

  • Helping students to make decisions and take responsibility.

  • Ensure that the student’s reward is paid in the due time and address the defect that fails.

  • Working on documenting and completing the student’s graduation procedures easily and easily during the period specified in the university calendar.

  • The application of the system in all dealings to achieve justice among the beneficiaries.

  • Upgrading the level of employees of the Deanship of Admission and Registration